Trading Time in CA (for London & N/York)

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Can you help me please with the busiest London/N.York time for trading (ie the overlap time); I read in BP school, that’s the best time to trade (more volume and volatility). Actually though, does that just apply to day trading and scalpers, and not so much to swing trading?

Okay, I saw just over on ICT’s post Clint had posted the ‘time info’. However, I’d still like clarification please if someone could chime in…

These are the times (for CA) that apply (to me) I believe using Clint’s ‘table’…

London Open Kill Zone - 11pm to 1am
New York Open Kill Zone - 4am to 6am
London Open Kill Zone - 8am 11am

So my question is what is the overlap period please for me, here in CA?

And what is a Kill Zone - is that busiest time??

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Going by your times compared to the NY times in Clint’s pic, I’m going to say that you are GMT-7.

For you Jessey, the cross over between the Asian & London will be 12am - 2am & the cross-over between London & NY will be 5am - 9am.

I’ve heard “kill-zone” a fair few times but definition-wise, I’m afraid that I can’t help you. Assuming that it’s you making the killing then it can only be a good thing.

Hi, Jessey

[B]The London/New York overlap is 5am-9am in your time zone (PDT=GMT-7).[/B]

Here’s where those times come from:

London opens at 8am London time, which is midnight your time.

New York opens at 8am New York time, which is 5am your time. This is the beginning of the 4-hour L/NY overlap.

London closes at 5pm London time, which 9am your time. This is the end of the 4-hour L/NY overlap.

New York closes at 5pm New York time, which is 2pm your time.

ICT Kill Zones are related to certain opening and closing times in specific markets.

In the case of the London Open Kill Zone, for example, the Kill Zone is a 2-hour period bracketing the London Open.
That is, 7am-9am London time, 2am-4am New York time, and 11pm-1am your time (as you correctly figured out).

Pay attention to the ICT Kill Zones [B]only if[/B] you are going to study Michael Huddleston’s methodology, here on the Babypips forum.

If (and only if) you have a good grasp of the basics from the School, then I recommend that you take a look at Michael’s approach. The core of his methodology is price-action trading, using the Kill Zones as high probability time periods in which to go hunting for trade set-ups.

Michael’s teaching is detailed and deep. It will probably take you years to master the subject matter. If you are not yet ready to tackle such a big project, then forget about Kill Zones, for now.

Do not confuse the Kill Zones which Michael defines, with the Overlap Periods referred to in the School. They are different things.

Edit: For more on times, time zones and time changes, see — 301 Moved Permanently
Note that the trading session times shown in the Table change 7 times throughout the year, as various countries go onto, and off of, daylight saving time. This is a source of endless aggravation for forex traders, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

Baz and Clint - Hi there :slight_smile:

Many thanks guys for your help with this - seems I will be up ‘extra early’ with my coffee once I get going with my demo a/c.

Clint - I don’t think I’ll be opting for ICT’s kill zone just yet - want to ‘find my feet first’… I like the look of Jonathan Fox - Price Action but I still have a way to go yet on the basics etc etc.

By the way, I just read Clint’s Q&A over on (on Forex ‘special people’ - can’t remember what it was called) anyway - I really liked what Clint had to say on trading and I think other newbies would enjoy his responses also…

Baz - hope you’re doing well my friend and the ol’ arm is getting better by the day…

Cheers to both! :slight_smile:

Okay newbies, I just checked it out - the piece I referred to above for other newbiews is in:

Honorary’s Member’s Club - see the Clint piece in there - it’s a very good read :slight_smile:

I’m sure the other senior/experienced members here are likewise admirable and fabulous - I just haven’t checked them out yet - Clint’s was the first one I read… I’ll be working my way through them over time :slight_smile:

I had my hopes up with Jessey’s description of it being Forex ‘special people’ - there was no mention of a Rain Man’esque trader or anything :frowning:

It was still a good read though, it’s nice to get an insight to those that crop up a lot & help us Newbies.

Keep up the good work Clint & many thanks for all your contributions on this site, I’ve learnt a lot from many of your posts.