Trading time strategy (200 - 300)pips profit

Hello all,
I have made impact on many people teaching them on how to trade with the right time the market decision makers use. For one to be successful in trading you have to take position along side with the players and book profit same time with them as well. And to do this is to know their real timing. Below are the break down;

  1. I will start with Japanese session which run for 6:30 hrs from 00:30 - 7:00GMT. This time is divided into 4 parts namely; Gap, Open, Mid and Close time.
    GAP TIME: This is the time the players make false big swings move to induce the traders to take position in a wrong direction, the best way to aviod this is to wait for 30min and observe their intention before you enter the market. The time for this gap time is between 00:00 - 00:30 GMT.
    OPEN TIME: This is the time the players make real move either rise or drop which is about 60 - 90 pips, firm up or dip which is about 30 -40 pips, upward stop hunt or downward stop hunt which is about 30 - 40 pips and extended stop hunt which is about 100 - 150 pips as well. The time is between 00:30 - 2:00 GMT
    MID TIME: This the time in between the opening and the closing and the players make slow movement this time to confuse the traders for their next action. If you have known this the better you aviod trading then.
    CLOSING TIME: This is another time the players make their intentional moves either rise or drop which is about 60 - 90 pips, firm up or dip which is about 30 -40 pips, upward stop hunt or downward stop hunt which is about 30 - 40 pips and extended stop hunt which is about 100 - 150 pips as well. The time is between 05:30 - 7:00 GMT

  2. Same thing apply to European session only that the time change and here is the time; Time duration is 6:30 hrs period. Gap is 7:00 - 7:30 GMT, Open is 7:30 - 9:00 GMT, Mid is inbetween open and close time, and Close is 11:30 - 13:00 GMT.

  3. US session; Time duration is 6:30 hrs period. Gap is 13:00 - 13:30 GMT, Open is 13:30 - 15:00 GMT, Mid is inbetween open and close time, and Close is 19:00 - 20:30 GMT.

NOTE: Players change the trading zone with 40-60 pips spread. So it is advisable to book profit at every level and re-enter again that is during correction /rise, don’t always re-enter at the same level. Also use the right % of margin if you want to stay in the market to continue booking profit along side with the players, and don’t be greed while trading always take profit when seen and not as that can turn against you. The tools you need for this is candle stick, MACD and RSI Indicator to guide you as well.
If you understand this strategy well i see no reason why you can’t make upto 200 - 300 pips daily. This is the strategy i have use for all the time for few years now in trading for myself and the account i manage for people, it hasn’t fail me so if you understand it well you will soon be a pro in the trading. If you have area to be cleared with in this write up don’t hesitate to discuss about it. Good luck and happy trading.

This sounds interesting as I am EDT time zone and have plenty of time to trade the Asian session. I would like to hear more of this. Maybe you could post some pictures of your charts with comments to make it clear ?

Yeah, I second that. Thanks for sharing.

sounds like you have been tuning into the ‘Operators intentions blog’ read by Dr. S. Sivaraman’ over on fxstreet - good stuff if used appropriately - and appreciate that none of these rules a set in stone - thats just how the players trap you - you have to as always manage your risk

There lies the crunch of the matter so to speak.

Otherwise it would be just way to easy…to trade.:smiley:

wait… you mean it’s NOT easy??? :eek:


In the first place how do you manage your risk if you do not understand what you are doing at that time? for example, you use small % of equity to place a trade at the wrong time and the trade begin to go against you then you cut it and maybe re-enter another trade as you see the trend going as you expect and all at a sudden it turn oposite again and you cut it as well, then you give up that time and go away to come back again which you still enter trade at the wrong time with money managment, the question is this are you inceasing or decreasing your account balance inspite your risk managment?. The fact is this we should learn and understand that these players have no technique other than timing the trader and act against their expectation either by delaying or fast their action before any event occure. If you predict player’s action and you get it right doesn’t mean you have become perfect in your prediction because no one is 100% accurate when it comes to market reading but what i am saying is, excersice your patient wait and let the players take decision then you go along with them and eat as they eat, quit before they quit. This always happen within 1:30 hrs for sure, only that they can delay or act upon it before the time, that is why you have to wait observe your chart and know what they are doing at that time, are they trying to stop hunt? if they are once they cut the low and come above earlier low in less than 30 min then cutting low was a downward stop hunt before rise and if they cut the low and stay below low for more than 30 min then more long liquidation will be induced before the next rise.
But the good advice is this, try and place 6 different pairs chart and beging to observe all, following the time i had earlier said you will grap the player by the neck because is either they act on majors or demons currencies and any one you see moving follow it that is the real trend movement at that time and will last for 1:30 hrs.

Did you observe yesterday 11:18 EDT…?

Your six different pair charts, I mean…?

I mean you could have observed all Currency pairs…

What did you see…?

How long did it last…?

What happend afterwards…? Like within 10 minutes.

Did you follow, yesterday…?

Did you grap the player by ther neck, yesterday…? :wink:

Yep, that’s my problem right there !

ok, I’m scratchin my head in confusion now, what happened yesterday at 11:18 edt ?

Try to understand all i have said here and put it in practice by knowing the timing related to the time you use. I have said it that there are times that is adviceable for one not to trade and i mentioned it that MID TIME is one of them because at this time the players use their logic moves to induce trader to take position which they can turn against you. I don’t trade at this time and it happened 11:18 EDT quoted is in the mid time of US session, why are you so greed to eat all? must you eat all? why can’t you free yourself from confusion time the players are trying to use to trap you?. From all indication the players got happy on friday at 11:18 EDT because they succeeded in trapping one of us all because he want to eat all the market. The players are trader like you who trade in a higher volum than you, they balance and unbalance market, they set the time and they work on it as well, and if you think you are clever than them by trying to eat more than them then you must be a joking. Not that the players don’t lose in trading they lose too, they lose to make more gain and if you understand this you will know that their loss should have been an advantage to you by leaving the market at that time and later book for profit along side with them. Please let us develop the habit of having time to let the players be as well having the time to be with them and eat together. This simply mean stay away at the confusion time and wait till the market set for you to take position, even 20 - 50 pips is something. Happy trading.


USDX jumped from around [B]75.80 to 76.58[/B].

A shot in the arm for the USD. :smiley: