Trading times if you live in Japan

I need some help with the times markets open around the world
if you live in Japan.


Hey russkun,

check out our lesson on market hours here:

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

hello everyone

newbie has a question.

I’m looking at the market hours in the link above and for example usd/jpy…i see two sets of trading times- 7pm-4amEST and 8am-5pmEST.

my question is would both times be equally liquid/similar trading volume??

many thanks

no one?


sorry champ I didn’t see it there was a lot of chaos in the forum this morning. Pretty much, that’s why from 5-7pm EST there is basically nothing much happening. But, since the london session overlaps at the end of the tokyo session there is more movement there and since it overlaps the start of the beginning of the US session there is more movement there. Hope that helps ask again if you need it
Best eh have a good one!

Heres a nice link that shows what markets are open.

OANDA FXMarketHours - FX Markets Working Hours

ahh thks shadow n rwc.