Trading tool for forex

What is the best trading platform for Forex

I like TradingView the most, some people will tell u that Metatrader is nicer but
it actually depends on prefrence in my opinion.
There is another site called Trading Locker.

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I like tradingview way more as well.

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In my opinion cTrader is by far the best, for forex.

TradingView is also pretty good.

The important thing, though, is to avoid Metatrader platforms, which really are dreadful, and are a major contributory factor to the reality that so few aspiring forex traders ever become steadily profitable.

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Hi @S_Jane_M, may you elaborate more about metatrader? I really want to know.

I use all of them. My opinion is Trading View good for analysis. But for free TV account, there is 5 second delay (currency, index and stock). It’s dangerous for scalping.

I don’t have problem with MT5 (MT4 yes, it gives me headache). I use a lot MT5 for automated trading. The same with cTrader. I develop cBot.

cTrader provides more information compare to MT5, we can explore more strategy with cTrader. But for performance, MT5 is more superior compare to cTrader. That’s because MT5 was build under generic tools (C/C++, considered middle to low level language). cTrader is developed using Microsoft .Net technology, which is high level language, which also means a slower technology.

I’m now learning DXTrade due to prop firm account :smiley:, I’m still not familiar with this platform.

May I know your side of story? Thanks again for your enlightenment :pray:

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You probably know that MT platforms are the most popular and most widely-used trading platforms and you know that Metaqoutes is the most expensive trading related company in the world, right?