Trading Trends 6 Months

Hello you wonderful and intelligent people, i sincerely hope you are doing well today and looking forward to the weekend.

I was kindly wondered i know alot of US stocks have been severely weakened by the bear market. For instance Meta stock (NASDAQ: META) was down to around 100 USD around 6 months ago. It is now near 240 USD. The EPS was beaten by over 30% in March 2023 and it seems to be turning around. I please wondered if there was a strategy for trading these long term trends over 6 months and how i could devise a form of trading plan please? If anyone kindly had any thoughts on this strategy, trading over possibly 3 - 6 months and what strategies i could employ please? If anyone could kindly get back to me on this i would be forever grateful and very thankful, it would mean the world to me.

Sending you lots of good wishes and i sincerely hope you get better and better at trading and become massively successful. All the very best to you and stay positive and happy.

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When trading stocks, some important components your strategy should include atleast one or more of this:
1. Price Action: you should be able to figure out trends yourself by drawing those lines on your screens be it S&R, S&D, Channels or whatever.
2. SMA: I’m a fan of TraderTV Live, i have watch this moving average works most of the time for stocks even though i don’t use them.
3. RSI: this indicator helps you figure out when a stock is overbought or oversold irrespective of the TF you’re watching. One thing is do your calculations for the RSI value to use; it’s a fine indicator.
4. Fundamentals: don’t just only glue with your technicals but have an idea of how to correspond fundamentals with your charts. Remember, you’re betting on the CEO unlike currency when you bet on sentiment.

I don’t know if this little piece of mine would help you figure out your strategy, and if it does am open to feedbacks.

Warm regards.

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Hi , do you know what type of instruments do you want to trade? Regards Greg

I am relatively new to stock trading and have not been doing it for very long. From what I have learned, it is essential to pay attention to investor sentiment as it can impact the stock price. Factors such as media coverage, social media chatter, and company reputation can influence investor sentiment. Additionally, it is important to keep an eye on news and events, similar to how you would in Forex trading - not more, not less.

what type of strategy are you used to stock trading?

I am interested in swing trading for short profits. Also I hold some stocks.
What about you Greg? Do you have your own coding here too?

No I don’t trade stocks currently. I know only that stocks have an edge on long side.

Would explain more about swing trading please? I’d be happy to learn about it.

Why not?
It’s all about finding the short-term price movements in a larger trend and then taking positions in that direction. You’ll need to use technical analysis( you have to own a good knowledge of them), but the idea is to hold positions overnight to ride out the swings. (take care about swaps)
You can easily Give it a shot!
and at the end try to hold stcoks, that’s a better option :)))))

Thank you for the explanation :nerd_face: