Trading US Stocks on london session?

I have noticed that I am missing some opportunities while starting trading at 9:30 AM EST. If I start at 3:00 AM EST, i might have won more trade. so, london traders trade US stocks / precious metals / forex actively and is it good to start early?

I am novice btw :slight_smile: so if you think my question is like that, I understand.

yes, London session has a lot of volatility, as well as US session. I prefer US session right now because it’s easier for me to monitor my trades during that time.

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thanks. Actually, I meant indices not stocks but I think your answer is still valid

lol yea i dont trade stocks currently, but US session most definitely

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the US Indices are traded 24 hours a day(excluding Saturday and Sunday)…What you see in the London hours(before US hours) of trading are mostly UK institutions adjusting their US positions.

However, as majority of orders hit the exchange at 09:30 EST. 9:30-10:00 EST will always have the highest volatility as orders from around the world are flooding in and a price is trying to settle.

I was part of a team that built an algo for a bank that wanted to trade the first 5 minutes before open…I can walk you through the process and some of the rules they used

If you want high vol I would recommend US100 at the open