Trading volume

I trade with MT4 at IBFX and the MT4 platform has volume indicators.
Does the volume that is shown for each bar or stick represent the volume that IBFX handles or is it the total volume?
It would see impossible for it to be the total volume since forex doesn’t have a centralized place to exchange.

The reason I am curious, is that if numerous traders were to trade with the same EA which trades at certain times, would it create liquidity problems?

Dan V

Actually I don’t think that the volume has anything to do with the platform’s volume, it is just based on the opening and closing of the bars/candles. If they did have the volume of the platform, it would be way too small, and way too inaccurate, in fact it would probably be impossible to trade with. So don’t worry about it creating liquidity problems. The volume will move based on price movements.