Trading Wisdom No. 9 – There is no shortcut to forex success!

How can we become an Ultimate Forex Winner?

Before we can become an Ultimate Winner in forex trading, we need to have the FULL UNDERSTANDING of the forex market.

To understand is to combine knowledge with our own experience, not someone’s else. EXPERIENCE only comes from DOING, not from learning about what someone did.

Knowledge means a collection of facts or the sum of what is known, while UNDERSTANDING means MASTERY, the ability to apply what we’ve already known to achieve desired results.

All Master Investors gained their full UNDERSTANDING of their investments and achieved their unconscious competence by going through the journey themselves.

So are we, if we want to be the long term, ultimate Forex Winner, there is no shortcut. We must go through the bumpy journey and the grueling trials ourselves to gain the EXPERIENCE and WISDOM, and this eventually will lead us to achieve MASTERY and SUCCESS in forex trading!