Trading with indicator or without indicator


Just curious that, newbies should trade with indicator or without indicator?

Learn both. Then decide what’s good for you. Every person is different. What works for me may not work for you. Learning forex trading is a time consuming task. It doesn’t happen in a short period of time. Eventually you will get to know what’s good for you.


With or without can’t be answered as there are as many systems as traders.
I suggest you find one trading system that works for you and you get the answer.

Trading is fun also time-consuming and frustrating.
There are no easy answers in trading and when you think you found something easy to trade with then you are on a dangerous path. Drawdown and losses will soon come.

Which indicators are you trying out?

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Whether it is School of Pipsology or any other rigorous method or approach designed to keep a recent trader on the straight and narrow, it is one part of a strategy or approach that is intended to put you in a comfort zone of preparing for a trade entry. By choosing two or more indicators, the theory is that you increase your chances of having a success ratio higher than 50/50. If you also combine that with ensuring that your target reward to risk ratio is always greater than 1, and you back test this on a sufficient number of historical trades, you will come to show that your strategy has an edge (meaning you will win more often than you lose). All of this should precede the opening of a live account, or the spending of any real money, so that you are confident you trade to a fixed plan, and that history has shown you should not lose. Some of us never learn, most of us come to this conclusion having lost two or three times in the past. So my opinion is that it is a safe feeling to decide on what indicators, prove they give you an edge by back testing, then you enter trading with the confidence that you are highly unlikely to lose money, and it is not like a punter putting his money on the horses - although that is also done by many who have a trading plan having demonstrated and edge by back testing. I hope this is an easy explanation to understand. If not, please ask and I will try again.

I’m learning to trade using Ichimoku. But I hope to learn more on price action, supply and demand.

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Hi, did you visit the School of Pipsology yet? That is a very well written course of learning.