Trading without any Analysis

well, people trading from order-flow only literally don’t even have a price-chart there to glance at … they can only glance at the depth of market

yes - that’s entirely fair; it is, i suppose :wink:

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When I started trading, I kinda winged it and made some cash, but nothing steady. Realized I needed a game plan.
Then I hit the courses and learned about trading analysis, patterns, indicators. It was a game changer!
With good analysis, trading wasn’t a guess game anymore - more like a calculated strategy. Profits started rolling in regularly, and the stress? Way down!


Who needs analysis when you can download a coin flipping app?

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A few Trading without any Analysis concepts that can be studied below…

Are they Profitable…??..

Maybe instead of simplistic single sentence posts… Some of you can Back Test these scenario’s and come back to us with some real tried and tested data…


It happened to me that I traded without a strategy and was confused about when to finish my trade and how to set a stop loss. After that, I realized I was losing time and tried to analyze and went to education and learned about trading analysis.

I went through a phase where I traded without a clear strategy, and it proved challenging to handle my trades effectively.

I understand where you’re coming from. Initially, I traded without a set strategy and saw sporadic success. Once I delved into trading courses and analysis, the entire landscape changed.

Your explanation hits the mark precisely.

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Trading without analysis is basically taking a trip to the casino.

Trading without analysis is akin to gambling, where decisions are made based on luck rather than informed judgment. Without analysis, traders are essentially navigating blindfolded, increasing the likelihood of unfavorable outcomes and missed chances for profit.