Tradingview Black Friday Offer

This is my first year using Tradingview premium (Subscribed on August 2023). I would like to extend my subscription even further during the Black Friday coming up on 20/11/2023. Is it possible to do so? Anyone has done that before?

i doubt it, as these things are typically a one-off offer designed to attract new customers, but Tradingview Support is the place to ask (and they usually reply promptly and helpfully)

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Okay thanks. Let me try to contact the support team instead.

Black Friday is the best deal they have all year if I remember right.

Are you trying to reduce the price of what you have now? Is it monthly or annual?

I would like to extend further my subscription and locked in cheaper price. I plan to only renew on every Black Friday. Mine is Premium version annually.

Yea Im trying to do that too. So looks like it starts on the 20th.

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Well, luck is on our side because they didn’t said that they are against it. They will just extend further our previous subscription period instead in case we do purchase it during the sale.

If you turn off the annual auto payment then you’ll always get a good deal. They won’t just let your subscription expire without trying to give you a deal first.

If you let the subscription auto renew then you’ll pay full price.


Have you tried before? How much discount they offer?

Yes, mine expired last July, so I wrote down the renewal date and turned off auto renew about 2 weeks beforehand. I honestly forget now what discount I got, but it was nowhere near full price. You will start getting pop-ups long before it expires.

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Noted on this. Thanks for the sharing. I appreciate it.

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Looks like I can upgrade to the Premium plan for the same price as the Plus plan, so 70% savings versus 40% savings.

What a deal! So $17 per month. Are you guys paying about the same?

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Yes. I picked it up also. 70% off is insane. Hahaha.

Yea think I’ll resub today before it ends.