TradingView Brokers Change Forex Prices

Have you noticed that TradingView will sometimes quote one opening price on one timeframe or then a different opening price on another? On the same candle?

How about when on one timeframe you have one “high” price and then on another timeframe it’s a completely different high?

Worse yet, have you ever seen a pipette perfect double bottom on two candles, activated bar replay and now the candles are higher lows instead of a double bottom?

Making it outright disgraceful, have you seen them change these prices on the chart hours later?

Have you then ever had customer support tell you that they’re aware of the problem yet have no ETA on when it will be fixed?

And then they also close your support ticket?

Me and some trading buddies have been trying to keep a large collection of these examples. I never log in to babypips, but please feel free to share as MANY examples of this here as you’d like. I’m not convinced that traders are being heard or respected on this point and I also see the topic isn’t being very discussed online, and I wanted to change that. Reprinting price or repainting price, however you want to view it seems to happen much more often than it should. It’s a multitrillion dollar volume a day/week/year industry. The money and tech is there to solve the problem, unless they simply don’t want it solved.

If you’ve had this problem, please, share your screenshots here so that others can see it for themselves.

Also, if you’ve found an indicator or script that detects this behavior, I’d be interested in hearing about it.

Take care, traders. Stay safe. Keep your eyes open.

This is one I referenced in the post, but you can see how blatant some of these are if you’re watching. Here is the 5m. It was originally a double bottom in my post above, but now it appears as a higher low. It was flipping back and forth based on if I was in bar replay or not, but now it seems stable.

However, if you look at the seconds for the area, you see we actually still have all equal lows here. I know this seems minor since this instance is on the seconds, but I’ve seen swings larger than 3 pips on 15+ minute candles, so it’s very sizable differences sometimes. I added the vertical gray dashed line so that you can see exactly what 15s candle the 5m candle opened on. You can see we’ve had no lows this low since the candle open.

Edit: So the real question or concern is, which one actually happened? While this instance is minor, it can and does affect how someone reads or analyzes the situation depending on their trading style.

Here’s another one from today. While this one is minor, it happens frequently. I simply entered bar replay and this high changed price.