Tradingview Coach

I am looking foe someone to coach me on setting up and using Tradingview. Edge Hunter

Did you try to learn from any Youtube videos, podcasts, communities? You may wish to review some of these before asking for a coach.

With this sort of information freely available, you should try to self learn, in conjunction with BabyPips free education. Spend one or two hours with this free stuff, then try to write out exactly what it is you want someone to coach you on, if you have not found what you need on the internet. Is it purely use of the charting software? Try finding a local Forex group meeting, or a discord server. I hope this helps.


It’s really easy to use. What are you trying to do? Account hookup? Indicators?

Why not just post your questions here?

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Just shoot all your questions here and you’ll totally get answers. We’re all about helping each other out, you know? No need to pay for a mentor or anything.