Tradingview declaration of non-professional status

Anybody else get a prompt for this?

Is this trying to upsell or something?

I got the same thing! I don’t know what it was for??

Same here and I clicked confirm. Not so sure what this is for either.

Don’t know if its more trying to get the pros into more “pro” packages, or they’re just covering their butts for compliance. Maybe both?

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Ok looks like pricing and feature differences?

Look at those tabs (pro vs non pro): Upgraded Plans & Extra Features — TradingView

It’s only for legal compliance.

Tradingview (and some others) can’t be seen to put themselves in a position where they’re helping customers to flout exchange regulations.

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no, not that - anyone (professional or retail) can subscribe at any of the three levels shown in your post (or to the limited, free service), it isn’t about that

firms like Tradingview are licensed resellers of exchange data-feeds, and it’s for that reason that they have to clarify whether end-user clients are trading others’ funds (which would make them “professional” according to the exchanges’ classifications

so it’s just about contractual “legal compliance” as @Pipsteroid mentioned above


Ah gotcha. They’re covering their butts. That makes sense. I thought maybe they were trying to upsell me!

I guess that’s not the case.

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i’m sure they’ll do that, too (TV are pretty good at upselling?) - re your other thread, $17pm for Premium sounds pretty good, to me?

Yea, what a deal! I grabbed it up.

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