Tradingview or MT4?

Can anyone tell me the pro’s/con’s of using either MT4 vs using Tradingview to trade?

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Trading view is much much better for charting your pairs. Alot more tools to use and ease of use. Many people chart up o trading view and then just execute their trades on mt4.


Trading view is more explicit and user friendly interface

Thanks for the replay. I just learned that I can connect my broker account to trading view free account.

Another question: Do you know where I can get a list of Forex pairs for Tradingview? I cant create a “Watchlist” in trading view with a free account, but I would love to have a list of all forex pairs, if one exists.

From the start im using MT4 and I have no problems. Thats why may be i`m not into trading view but everybody must be in step with the modern time so I must check it.

MT4 has save template feature. This way a person can make custom charts for specific instruments in time-frames. For example “1H EURUSD 6 Indicators”.

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MT4 here, just feels better

Im not sure it possible, you may have to sign up for the pro account. If you wait until Back fridays they have MASSIVE sales on the subscriptions

using MT4 from beginning. its interface is quite user friendly plus the biggest point i have gotten used to it so… !

Go for Tradingview for your analysis son then use to connect your Mt4 to tradingview.

Is it safe to use ?

Need to look into connecting up to TV to be honest. In terms of efficiency it makes sense as I mark up there rather than MT4.

Yes, very safe. Been there for several months and no data breaches or complaints.

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100% safe. I’ve been using their products for about a year now, and their support is very fast and helpful.