Hello there, doing your analysis on trading view and wondering how to trade it from mt4/5? Worry not, is a free tool that I found useful, and now I can get my TradingView alerts executed on any platform instantly. Check them out and post a feedback. Would like to know if this helped somebody here. Happy trading folks <3

This sounds pretty cool! :blush: Hahaha. I check out TradingView every now and then. :smiley: Haha. Have you been using this tool too? :blush:

Yes. Before I was using another one that needed me to keep my Tradingview always open when I want to trade, but with this one, I just do my analysis, set my alerts, stops, and tp and they will execute even with tradingview closed. It’s pretty cool :heart_eyes:

This sounds cool. Thanks for sharing and I’m definitely gonna try it. Nothing’s better than being able to trade and receive updates on the phone.

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