Tradingview vs Metatrader 4

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I noticed that Tradingview and Metatrader use different closing times. I think Tradingview uses New York closing time. So the candlesticks and the chart look a little bit different for the same pair at least on the 4H timeframe which I like to trade. For analysis I like Tradingview better than Metatrader so I normally do my analysis on Tradingview and place the trade on Metatrader where I have my broker account. Could this difference in the charts be a problem for me as a price action trader? I am aware that tradingview and Metatrader don’t use the same data for the price but it is not a very big difference.

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Did you mean times as in timezone times?

In which case, you can change this in TradingView options (I use UTC because I am working in UK time)

I also found a Reddit article from three years ago which discusses time discrepancies on TV and broker platforms:

Hope this helps, good luck!

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Yes, i do found the same error when I do the backtest. But anyway, even though the body seems a little bit different, but the high and low of the wick are the same on the other platform compared with Tradingview.