Training and education

Hello all,

I have attended a training in the uk and I’m working through the baby pips school which is brilliant and I seem to understand the principles behind FX trading however it’s like anything else good in life it can be hard work, which I don’t mind putting the effort in!!!

I have traded through December with ups and downs but still I’m in a positive position I’m looking for more hands on trading advice from a mental point of view and bouncing ideas of likeminded people at different levels of experience without getting ripped of in the process, I have checked and there is hundreds of forums and training ranging from free ,£100s to £1000s. This is the most informative and its free and i would like to say thanks to the people who put all the work in as I have benifited greatly compare to the course I paid to attend.

I’m looking for advice for a live chat room or a subscription service that is highly recommended, as always being a newbie in any walk of life can be dangerous.


I recommend that you stay away from subscription services or live chats that give you signals. If the person giving you the signals doesn’t post an update or you do not get the message, you are screwed. That is not trading…learning to trade on your own is the best way to go. The same goes for 99% of the trading robots out there.

If you are looking for more education, I have learned the most from Chris Lori and Rob Booker. They are the only two Forex educators that I recommend.

Congrats on having a positive December!

check out ICT’s thread here.
Its free and its worth the time.

Hi Hugh
i have heard ICT mention those names in one of his videos.
Mind telling me the name of the course?

Thanks Hugh,
It seems logical when you see it posted here like you have done, it confirms my inner feelings that most trainers are trying to make a quick buck out of us newbies. I will have a look at the information you have supplied and have a god new year

Thanks I have found the thread and it looks good
Have a good New Year