Training yourself EA


I am developing an EA and want to give out a free version. It is not a automated trader but more a training and testing tool for your stragegy. You can test things out without knowledge of programming.

Is it against rules to post a link for something like this or where can I post link for this this?
That page has got nothing.


Well if you can upload it to this site, people can download it as an attachment. As for posting links, any external links are deleted unless you have at least 50 posts. Thanks for asking. Have a piptastic day!

Forum rules located here ^^

Thanks for your answer.
I first want to see if anybody would be interested in this EA.
Ive attached screenshots of it.

You load this EA up into your strategy tester with Visual mode ticked.
You drag and drop the Blue box into the yellow Basket to create trendlines which you can move around yourself.
Down Arrow is to open a Sell order and up arrow to open a Buy Order.
The Red box is to stop all orders.
If you use trendlines it will automatically open a order when it passes a line or you have option to get alert.
You can also set your stoploss and target profit and the pips you collect will be recorded onscreen.
You can then feel free to load templates and indicators to test out a strategy without the knowledge of programming.
Future version will have martingale option and few other money management features.

Let me know if anyone is interested and I will post a free trial version here.

No interest???
I’m gonna post it anyways.

Please feel free to send suggestions or bugs please. You can use this in strategy or live. If some people show interest in this EA I will keep on working on it and add some more features.

There are some external variables you can set.
1.One for setting TP
2.One for setting SL
3.Using Trendline trading.
If you put trendline trading off it will only give a sound alert when it passes beyond the trendline.
This is automatically calculated breakout after it hits a trendline. ie. it will open order after 40 pips. I recommend using this when trading Channels and wedges.