Transitioning from a demo to a live trading account

Things can get pretty serious when you start trading with real money, compared to practicing with a demo account. One wrong move can cost you big bucks, so we got to be careful!

What do you guys think are some common mistakes that traders tend to make when transitioning to a live trading account?

i tell you not to be in a rush
just wait until you make very good profits and then start real account with small money

Do not think you will have same emotions trading with demo accounts while you are trading your real money! That’s a really important thing to care about.
When you lose on demo accounts you’ll be like: OK, losing is a part of this game as well!
When you lose on real accounts you’ll be like The life is over and I am a loser and I will not trade anymore!
(I left both these comments on some other related posts) / at the end care wait for the appropriate time and control yourself!

I believe the worst thing everyone applies in moving to her/his real account is chasing from the fact that she/he has to lose some money in the first trading account.
I do not want to tell you to jump into your real account. Of course not! Learn a lot, try different strategies, spend a lot of time, and things like that.
You can decrease the amount of your losses on your real account by postponing that, but you can not chase the fact that you have to lose money to become a real trader in this market.
Best Luck/