Trend line trading using TradingView


I am currently using TradingView, and I am trying to figure out a way to make orders based on manually drawn diagonal trend lines. For example, I set an alert on a manually drawn trendl line, and when the price touches the line, the alert will trigger and execute a sell order to be opened to my broker Oanda, with specific SL, and will close on the touch of a lower trend line. Or similarly, a breakout setting, "buy if the prices reaches 30 pips above that trendline etc. "

I am pretty new to this.

Thank you for the help.


And to add, I am willing to pay someone to develop it. I understand that I need an API and some bots.

I can sell you a system you can use to open or close your trades from tradingview alerts using mt4.

can you please send me a detailed list of the commands, and how it exactly works? Do I need an API? How does it cost?

I want to paste a link of an EA that I would like to simulate using tradingview alerts, however Babypips doesn’t let me put links. Please search “Trendline EA carlos oliveira” on Google.

thanks for the reply