Trend Trading: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Sir, pardon me but as a newbie,it is quite vague and difficult to follow. I’ve been surfing youtube tutorials but couldn’t find anything that could help me. I hope you could share your knowledge how to run this downloaded algorithm and templates. Thank you and God bless.

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Will this work in MT5 or just MT4?

Also, did I miss where you explain the actual system/strategy?

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You can find a detailed explanation in this video. If you get further issues. Post here. I will explain those.


No only with MT4. If you need an MT5 version. Later i will post for you here.


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Watch this, This also will help you to understand more.


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Portfolio Selection

I will try to clear this from an example.

Today ( 19.06.2020 ) - Analysis was done by yesterday.
So I will use tomorrow for today to feel like an ongoing analysis.

We have 17 high and medium impact economy events tomorrow .


01. As the first step we able to catch few currencies according to the economic events.


02. After that, as the second step , we can filter currencies according to few logics ,

Tomorrow we have 3 High impact events, 2 of those are a monetary policy meeting ( Event 3 ) and a speech ( Event 17 ).

These types of speeches and meetings are a little bit complex as well as sentiment might change more than once.

So I am going to eliminate currencies with speeches and monetary policy meetings.

We can eliminate JPY and USD from our portfolio.

Then we can focus on rest currencies. ( GBP, AUD, EUR, CAD )

03. As the third step , I am going to eliminate fewest number of medium impact events ( We never eliminate High Impact according to this step ) currencies.

We can eliminate AUD and EUR because in these currencies have no high impact as well as only one medium impact events.

Then we can focus on rest currencies ( GBP, CAD )

Ok, this is final…

We can add both these currencies to tomorrow’s portfolio . ( If only we have space to add, maximum risk = 2% rule )

Now we need not currencies but pairs.

I will give you a detail to explain this step in a video.

You can simply search the bias of the GBP and CAD . If one is bullish and the other is bearish you can insert GBPCAD .

Today we do not have any news in NZD, CHF pairs. I prefer to go with CHF because it is a safe-haven currency . So you can cross as you like.

With all these,

Finally, I can select currency pairs as below, You can add any of those if we have space.

GBPCAD ( +4% Gain )

GBPCHF ( +2% Gain )

NZDCAD ( +0.5% Gain )

NZDCHF ( Ongoing Trade )

How to Select Portfolio for Qsigma Trading System as A Beginner

I am happy to announce to you that we extended the expiry for 60 Days . Although I am the founder I always introduce my decisions and suggestions to my team . I suggested 4 time periods . The final decision was done by the majority vote.

I will try to extend more in the future. Thanks.


These algorithms will valid for 60 Days .

Upload 02: ( Algorithms valid till 2020.08.31 )


Qsigma Pivot Daily.ex4 (23.0 KB)
Qsigma Trend Smart.ex4 (28.4 KB)
Qsigma Trend.ex4 (13.5 KB)

I’ve been searching for some trend trading system and finally I found one in here. Thank you so much for providing this free system. I want to test it and learn it. And hopefully it will still free. Thank you.

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