Trend trading to Scalping


After many hipcups in Forex I finally found out I am a Scalper. I now know why Trend Trading, Swing Trading was not for me. In Scalping you do need to follow the Trend to be successful.
Although I do not follow Trend trading I will continue to keep My Proof Profit Strategy Thread going .

I trade above and underneath the 200 and 100 Moving Average.

Indicators I use can be found on my other thread.

(I am a Scalper)

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Quick question that I don’t see here. What time frame are you scalping on?

Nice, trading moving averages convergences/divergences still works you just need to find proper window, choose proper sensitivity in case of EMA and of course not to forget about money management.

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It’s quite possible you have ‘found that scalping works for you’.

But it’s also quite possible your new insight is just one more manifestation of the holy Grail - but now it’s timeframes that are the Grail.

If it wasn’t methods I was changing, it was markets, or timeframes.

At each step along the way I thought I’d achieved that eureka moment.

Only a few weeks, days or even hours later though I was having a new revelation.

One thing that I’m not quite clear about is when you say with scalping you have to follow the trend - are you saying you don’t have to in swing trading?

Personally I don’t follow trends at all - but many swing traders would say you should.

Maybe im confusing your message.

Anyway if you have found what works great - just be wary though it could just be the never ending tweak in disguise.

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Well, it’s not for nothing that they say that there are as many strategies on the market as there are traders, so each of us must spend some time to find exactly what suits him. And that’s really what can be the basis for further work.

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On the one hand, you have chosen a rather risky approach, which implies high dynamics of work…
On the other hand, you can be happy, because some traders still can’t find exactly what they need. And you coped with it, which means you have a good profit ahead of you!

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