Trendlines on MT4 move when changing timeframes

When I draw my trendlines on say the 4hr chart they are moved when looking at lower timeframes, is there a way to fix this?

I have the same problem. Anyone have an answer??

Sometimes the lines stay, and sometimes they move. I can’t figure it out…

What do you mean they are moved?
If you right click on the trendline what is the value of the line, it should be the same everywhere.
What is probably happening is that the lower timeframe has more accuracy. So, if you placed at what you thought was the top line on the 4hr chart might be a few pips out.

It seems the trendlines drawn in MT4 are placed using the time, so when you switch timeframes they dont stay with the price. I can’t find a solution anywhere.

Here is a 4h chart, notice the red trendline crossing the blue fib and then crossing the yellow trend line, then look at the 1hr notice the red trendline is now crossing the yellow trendline before crossing over the blue fib.