Trends2Trade Forex Swing Trades Service. My Personal Views Only

I was born in Lebya & then moved to UK. I have been in UK for the last 7 years. Working in a security Guard company and had enough free time to trade while at work LOL. Anyway I found this service I have been with these guys for almost 2 years and very recently managed to buy a house in UK because of their trades. To be honest I am also a long term subscriber of Ashraflaidi service. AshrafLaidi recently very bad trades(ashraflaidi not so honest). But let me tell you the trick about making money and It’s my secret which I am sharing. Subscribe to these both services and when they are both short/long USD then short/long USD or when they are both short/Long YEN then short/Long Yen. Believe me when these 2 services have the similar view on markets or Forex there is above 95% chance that you will make money. One more thing you need to have big stop loss also with both service. Give my theory a try for 6 months and Thank me later :slight_smile:

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