Treykyle Kelly Better myself with investing

I’m Treykyle who is an ambitious Real Estate Investor who wants to push his investment further to build a foundation

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Hey thanks much. So how do i get started trading?

Welcome to the community, Treykyle. Start with the education section here if you’re not doing that yet. Then practice what you’re learning with a demo account. Just be patient as you go through the learning process. Good luck.

Making profits should not be your sole aim when you enter the forex market. It is learning that you should focus on. You won’t become a successful trader if you are not knowledgeable. With little knowledge, you can make money for the short-term but with knowledge, you can make money for the long-term.

You can go about clicking on the education button here. Forex trading as many would think is just a number game, but there are lots of strategies that go into making successful trades. It’s important that you know what you’re doing.