Triple Screen + Swing Trade

Hi for all.

I recently started studying triple screen.

I would like the opinion of anyone who can help.

  1. How do you like to identify the macro trend?

  2. Which oscillators do you prefer?

  3. What are the main triggers that you use in the detailed time-frame?

  4. Any tips for those who want to operate in the long term with this system?

thank’s everyone.

Interesting not heard of this before. Is it good?

Before spending any time on this, please confirm the video here is the method you are referring to.

And if you watch this video, has it answered any of your questions already? If so, repost.

P.S. It is my understanding that the macro trend in this video is bear (short, or down).

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many traders use this system, but I’m still testing it.

I actually want to refine this system for long-term use.

Exactly this method my friend.

The video showed the basics of the system, however I would like to hear from people who use this method in the long term.

For example: I really like to use the RSI oscillator, but on the daily time frame this indicator doesn’t give me many overbought or oversold signals

So I would like to know which oscillators do you like to use?

Now, as for macro trending, I like to use moving averages, but I want to know about other methods as well.

Thanks for the answer…

I have not yet chosen a combination of indicators for the purpose of back testing.

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