Tron (TRX) Update

Please has anyone any update on trx, since I still have some resting on my wallet without use?

Hmm. :thinking: I don’t have TRX so I rarely read about it. But, seeing this message made me realize that it really has been a while since TRX was under the spotlight. :open_mouth: I remember some of my friends sold theirs right before the TRON foundation was dissolved last year. :thinking: This is an interesting article you might wanna read though! :open_mouth: I think it’s still looking bearish, but according to the article, it’s a positive long-term investment. :thinking: So, you might have to keep HODLing for now. :sweat_smile:

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i dont love this project , because it create the hype only , fundamentally it becoming weak day by day.

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I appreciate this, I will follow your advice and check out the article right away!