Trouble with Demo Accounts?

Has anyone here had any trouble with demo accounts? How did you circumvent those problems? Thanks in advance.

I’ll start off. I take issue with the 30-day restriction most brokers impose. It is hard to trade daily charts when you only have thirty days to test a strategy.

Also, I get this strange feeling that there is a different standard of chart data than with a live account. Just my take. What about you?

Some brokers provide demo account without day restriction. Try to find it. Demo account same standard of chart data than with a live account. However only spread is different.

some brokers provides you the exact same conditions on live platform as your demo account and if you’re trading on the demo account, the broker cannot restrict you to the 30 days trail period.

That’s a very valid question. Not all brokers offer demo accounts with conditions that are similar to live trading accounts. So you will have to check with your broker for that. Try Fxview or XTB. Create a demo account with them as I did. They offer the same charting options as their live accounts. I know this because I eventually moved on to live accounts with both Fxview and XTB, and didn’t find any massive differences.

Just about to start trading next month super excited as I’m done with my semesters. So many folks are suggesting me to go with a demo account first before the live one. Is this way of going about trading really helpful?

tbh demo accounts might provide you a few typical situations to handle but doesn’t prepare you for all real time scenarios. You can definitely practice on one to test out your strategies but no way can you treat them as real ones. Best is to start small with a micro broker after a short stint with demo. That’s what I did with my account on fxview.