True ECN broker

I’m a would be trader, looking for a very good broker.I don’t want market maker. I need a true ECN broker. I’ve already heard about IC Market but I haven’t enough idea about them. Please suggest me some broker.

In Forex trading there almost thousands online ECN broker in retail market. So, it is very difficult to find a true ECN trading broker from all, as most of them are found to be scams. The real ECN trading broker for all time makes sure security of funds with certainly. And they always ensure real time prizing that is very supportive to lead a flexible trading life.

I recommend “Interactive Brokers” (Google will show you the way to their website).

Well done for realising at the outset that you don’t want a market-maker: that puts you in a [I]small[/I] minority of aspiring traders and speaks well of your future chances. It’s always good to have a broker who would prefer you to profit, and has no incentive for you to lose. Good luck …

Start downloading different brokers PDS and read very very carefully.

Also, read this it will help with your understanding 301 Moved Permanently

I would say that it is better to check wit ha broker that is both Regulated and ECN so that you can trade with them. I always prefer to trade in a Regulated Forex broker only :wink:

hello adian,
many brokers would claim everything to get you on board as a client. A good place to start would be theForexList where you can find among other useful forex material, brokers sorted by type, like the ECN you are looking for. Before joining a broker it would be wise to open a demo account and try their services for a while (live chat, support, execution, spreads, etc). Once you are comfortable, then you can move on to a real trading account. Selecting a regulated broker is a must. All the best with your choice.

Even though it said their brokers have ECN account it could be STP. But honestly i prefer to trade STP directly with the bank more than searching for some ECN. สอน forex