True Forex Funds / Agressive Advertising and possibly Scam

The last couple of days there were new Forum Members aggressively advertising a prop trading firm called “TrueForexFunds” here on babypips. The posts are easy to recognize because every time there is a screenshot of a “payout certificate” attached.

The posts were deleted very quickly by babypips. Thank you mods! But i thought a permanent thread as a warning would be appropriated.

During my first quick research i found reviews which indicate, that TrueForexFunds is in fact a prop trading firm but a very bad one with very very shady business behaviour. They try to make you violate their rules to shut you down and take your money.

So dont even consider this prop trading company.

Just a few impressions:

“TFF blocked my account with an unfair swap fee. I have screenshots available. After suspending the account, they blocked my access. They didn’t put it in the system history so that their cheating wouldn’t appear. While the NGAS swap price was 1 USD, they reflected 3930 USD for 1 lot transaction. They did not email me to change this. Even though I told them their mistake, they didn’t fix it.”

“They are SCAMMERS, beware. On the 9th of December 2022 (09/12/22) l put 2 instruments on long positions, GBPUSD at 1.22736 and my stop loss at 1.22290. But the SCAMMERS tff platform did not allow the trade to be stopped at the set Stop Loss of 1.22290 but stopped at 1.22049, lost £281.44 Same for Gold at 1800.98 SL at 1799.18 but SCAMMERS tff stopped the trade on loss at 1792.66 at a loss of £680.45. I got in touch with them, no genuine excuse from them and they cannot dispute my fact.”

“This fund is a scam fund that just takes everyone’s exam expenses. I trade without breaking the day loss limit rule. But they charged me to lose more than the specified amount. They are clearly scam, beware of this fund, they give fake data while you don’t lose that much. I have taken the proof.”


Thank you for the warning!

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Good work to everyone protecting unwary traders from tjhis company.

TrueForexFunds are based in Hungary. Hungary ranks 77th on the Global Corruption Index from Transparency International. Its hard to find any western or European country with a lower ranking, so doing business with a Hungarian firm is asking for trouble.

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absolutely right

they have teams of people spamming other forums, too, at the moment (probably the only way they can get customers - their reviews are awful - definitely one to avoid)

I trade with TFF, and I haven’t had any issues, so I don’t understand why people make assumptions about a company that they haven’t even worked with.

The problem was their aggressive, hidden advertising in this forum. It is suspicious when a company does that.

If you do that and not even paying babypips for advertising, then the community strikes back.

They had a promotion where traders had to post certificates for certain rewards for a reasonable amount of time.

Then i hope this promotion backfired so bad that they won’t consider it again. Because it was annoying as hell.