TruemanTrades Price Action

As you can see we stayed in the upward trend and formed a higher low just on the s/r zone .
Price didnt break down and we hab no short entry signal here .
What we could have done was a long entry on a smaller TF but as i Trade mainly the daily a the moment i didnt take a look at the small TF and just let this trade go .

Eur Sgd gave us a short entry after break n close through the s/r zone .

unfortunately we had no nice follow through from price and i was forced to close the trade for a slight lose after 3 days when price was able to close above the s/r zone again .
I still see the opportunity to short this pair but the long entry after a break of the black resistance line is what i prefer right now .
But still open minded for both sides.

After at least three failed attempts to break the last high price is back at the bottom of this nice big range and almost at the support zone

And again its easy as 1-2-3 to guess what could happen here .

  1. Price goes on with its downward move and breaks n close through the support zone , indicates that we could try to short this pair

  2. price gives us a bounce and gets rejected by the support and gives us the opportunity to get in a high profitable long trade due to the fact that price could starts its rally to retest the upper top of the range again .

Since October 2016 - Summer 2017 we were more or less in a nice upward trend which slowly turned into a big range as you can see last try to break the summer 2017 High failed and on its way down price breaks through a nice upward trendline ( a nice short trade by the way)

Now we just testing the low of the range outside of the trendline which could lead to 2 different scenarios .

  1. Price is able to break this support and starts to sell off , we have anough open space to the downside to to give us a healthy short trade after a break n close through the support .

  2. Price gets rejected from the support and starts a bullish move to the upside with intention to retest the broken trendline before further downside momentum

Nzd Jpy shows us a different picture with a pinbar right on the s/r area + a nice follow through candle to the upside .

2 different entrys for risk hungry traders and for conservative ones

( right after the pinbar or after the follow through candle which confirmes a bounce and a further upside move)

As we can see the short scenario is in play and a slong as price dont close above the s/r area i see more short potential .
What is important at this chart is the circled area which shows a strong bearish reaction .
But before the candle close it was a big green bullish bar and iam sure alot of traders got caught in this potential long trade … see the importance of the candle close :wink: There was never a signal from market to go long just a little trap for all traders without patience.

We will see how this trade plays out in the next days or weeks .

Feel free to take a look at my little blog and at the summary of the january trades this year … little spoiler we had 75% winning trades :wink:

A Bigger Price range is obvious and we are just sitting on the bottom right on the support zone which could offer a nice long entry after a certain price action signals .

Something like a break n close through this small h4 flip zone here would give me confidence and confirmation to enter a long position .

A break of the 200 ma would also be a nice sign for me that we see some action in direction north.

As you can see we had some nice action here with this SHS formation right at a rising trendline + a new formed s/r zone which pushed price to a new high here .
Now Price is running into another s/r zone which is not confirmed yet but i will look for a confirmed touch before taking a long .

On the other hand a break could lead to short in direction of the confirmed s/r zone below or maybe even to the trendline showing us another test

Hey guys just to complete the last 2 trade set ups :slight_smile:Sugar wasnt triggered as you can see and the eur sek was triggered like the pic below in h4 .

Due to the fact that i have a lot of work and alot of new things happening and i also going deeper into intraday trading the smaller tf i will have just limited time and i will stop posting my stuff here …anyway there were no or almost no response from the community side .

So if you wanna still check my stuff feel free to visit my blog or follow me on twitter , write me an email or a mesage iam always happy to help other traders!!

whish you all a nice easter holiday and good trading !!!
keep it winning guys .

Hey Guys ,

was here long time ago :slight_smile: and i revisited today again to just have a look at the forum again :slight_smile:

Just want to say that If some of u interested in trading with the methology in this thread or some similliar stuff (actualy you never stop learning and you are improving your methods all the time ) or you looking for a small trading group to join you can hit me up here , on twitter or at a FF and i can invite you to my discord group ( its a private free group)
Its always nice to have some people around with the same passion on mind :slight_smile:

maybe we see soon :slight_smile:
have a great weekend and a great time all

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Hello @Trueman23… I just read through your entire thread from top to bottom… good trading system and consistency… I feel pretty sad that you stopped posting as frequently as before, there are many who can still benefit. Hopefully you can find the time to get back to the old you in here haha :slight_smile:

I particularly liked the simple, uncluttered nature of your charts and analyses. You really should come back :slightly_frowning_face:.

PMed you about your discord group as well.