Trump vs Yuan

An interesting little article, makes you think more than it says.

Donald Trump Has A 2-Step Plan For How To ‘Deal’ With China � Dealbreaker: A Wall Street Tabloid – Business News Headlines and Financial Gossip

I’ve been following The Apprentice USA over here, he makes such a better businessman and a telly programme than the one we have for our version over here.

Donal Trump - long on blustery rhetoric / toupees, short on reality. America can’t publicly dictate terms to its banker. There’s the minor matter of the $830bn or so they owe China that they don’t have. Also both parties are members of the WTO - throwing on a 25% blanket product tax would be quickly shot down. Maybe Trump hasn’t realised that America is already working on forcing China to adjust their currency through the actions of the Fed and it’s policy of exporting inflation all around the world. Most likely though he just wants to talk like a tough guy for the media for his upcoming abject failure of a presidential bid.

If they put Bush in, there is no reason to assume he will fail - lol.

But at least if he does fail he will presumably make more Apprentice USA, which I would welcome!

Donald Trump would be an improvement over the [B]sorry-excuse-for-a-president[/B] we currently have.

Hell, [B]Donald Duck[/B] would be an improvement!

Obama was hiding out in Brazil (presumably wearing his “nobel peace prize” around his neck) while his regime back in Washington was starting a war with Libya.

Now, Obama wants somebody — the Brits, the French, the Arabs, [I]anybody[/I] — to take his little war off his hands.

They should take that stupid peace prize away from Obama, and give it to Khadafi — at least he didn’t start a war with the United States.

Unfortunately, Obama didn’t stay in Brazil — now he’s back.

Ah, well, it was lovely here, for a few days. Obama made the United States a better place, just by leaving it.

A day without Obama is like a day without hot air.