Trust the process

My system provided me in January 2021:

48.5 Rs, 21 winns, 20 losses, 3 BE, 3.26 R avg winner, 44 trades

Trading hours: 7 AM - 15 AM GMT


I will post my journal here, on FF and on telegram.

For the ones who want to download my trades, i will upload charts on mega for everyone so you can download them from there. I am not charging anything, it’s all for free. All my system out there.

I am doing this because i have to journal my trades everyday anyway, so I thought i can help other traders just simply by doing my normal job .

Every loss and every win that respects my system, screenshotted. If anyone wants to reverse engineer my system, feel free to do so and ask me questions

So for you to understand it:

  • Everything for me is about HTF context. I am looking at D1&H4 to see if the market is in an accumulation or trend

  • H1 TF is for the daily bias

  • M5 for being in coordination with H1 (helps me to not try to catch a falling knife on M1)

  • M1/M5/M15 for fractals to be taken out only by the wick of a candle(not closing above/below a fractal)

  • M1 for entries: break of market structure and then return to that area

  • Depending on the price action, i will exit at 3R/5R or at a H1 fractal high/low

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First week of February:

14 Rs, 17 trades, 7 W, 2 BE, 8 L

GBPUSD 1 Feb 1W 2L

3 Feb 1W 1L

5 Feb 1W 1L


2 feb 1W

2 Feb 1L

3 Feb 1W 1L

4 Feb 1 BE 1W

5 feb 1 BE 2L

GBPUSD 8 feb action
1W 1BE 1L

EURUSD 8 feb
1L 1BE

EURUSD 9 feb

GBPUSD 10 feb
3W 1BE — +9.5R

EURUSD 10 feb

Really amazing day today. Stacking around 7.8% return today. Followed the plan, even tho the first 2 days of the week it didn’t give me winners and profitability. Trust the process, trust your system

GBPUSD 11 feb 1BE

EURUSD 11 feb 1L

GBPUSD 12 feb 2L

GBPUSD 15 feb 2L