Trusting the process, and carrying faith within!

Although I’m a beginner, my ultimate goal is turn pro, go into it’s in depth knowledge and trust the journey…

I wish you tons of luck and patience! It’ll be a long road ahead!

Thank You! btw from where you learnt forex trading?

From babypips also! :slight_smile:

Great bro! Complete cause from here is enough to start trading at beginner level or not?

Yes it is enough to get started with to learn the basics - provided you use a demo account to practice the theory on thoroughly before going live. But it is not everything that you will eventually need to develop further.

Focus on your learning as a beginner. Clear basics will help you lay a smooth and strong foundation. Keep patience and put effort into understanding the market.

Yup started out as a complete noob and… still a complete noob lol. I’m taking it easy though and just following their chart art posts here for some sort of guidance. I follow that using a live account. I have a trading journal for it if you’re interested!