Trying something new, looking for excitement

Sometimes in life you reach a ‘blah‘ moment, I feel like I have reached the point where I no longer want to just carry on and accept life as ‘it is what it is’. I need excitement, something to nurture, and to look forward to, finally taking the time to invest in myself and see something worth my while grow. I understand there will be some wins, and there will be some losses, but there’s something different about doing it for yourself. So I am here to learn, network, and invest.

I look forward to connecting with some of you, hopefully we can make some magic happen :smiley:


Welcome to the community, @JanJan_xo. Start with the BabyPips school if you’re not doing that yet. Hoping to connect with you too and hear from you more.

Yes ! Thank you, I have watched quite a few Youtube videos, and just now started the Baby Pips preschool. Quite a few things i have learnt already, but it’s no harm just going over them again. Lets stay connected, nice to e-meet you :blush:

Yes. I still go back to some lessons every now and then.

Welcome to BabyPips! You can start off by reading books to obtain knowledge.