Trying to double my account

if i have for example 10k could i try to double it (ik the risk of losing it all) in one trade or few one
by others words whats the best leverage and best trading categories(currency/cryptocurr/gold …)to use to double ur account just needing few pips like 10/20/50 and by whats leverage


Mate I don’t even want to answer this - it’s really quite a dumb question.

However I do my best to help beginners when I can.

Sure it’s possible - but not likely. On top of that I’m pretty sure you’d lose all your money first.

Trading can provide a great living - when you are experienced

But anyone who is thinking of doing what your suggesting will likely learn a very expensive lesson.

No disrespect but it’s almost infuriating reading questions like this

Why would you want to risk all your money on one or a few trades?


The irony is I have more than once doubled my account in a few short months, all it takes is some skill and a good trade or two.

And I never ever risked my whole account to do it, max about 3.5% on any one trade.

You need to think of portioning up your capital rather than treating the markets like some giant game of roulette

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You could but it would be the same as going to the casino and puting it all on black.

I am sorry but that is not the mindset of a successful trader.

Good luck