Trying to get MT4 with MQL4

I downloaded MT4 from OANDA and opened a demo account to test indicators, but I am having an issue. The indicators are all in MQL5 code, not MQL4, so I cannot install the MT4 custom indicators I want to test. All I want to do is get a good solid MT4 demo account with MQL4 indicators for charting and testing purposes, but I don’t know from where to get this. Any advice? Many thanks.

On the mql5 website in the mt4 indicators section …!

Okay, looks like I found it. Thank you. Didn’t even have to download a platform. Using the MT “Web Terminal” – is that correct? How do I install a custom indicator?

Have only used the mql5 sites web terminal once and it was ages ago so not sure about that.
But if you have already downloaded mt4 terminal from oanda then you can just click the market tab bottom of terminal and download it straight from there. Or if your on mql5 site when you click download it opens your mt4 and downloads straight to your mt4. The final way is to download the indicator / EA file and put it in your mt4\indicators directory manually

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take charge, do it yourself, read the manual or help files, asking random people on the internet is useless

try these guys instead roboforex!com/forex-trading/terminals/download/?a=czc there you will get what your looking for replace ! with .