Trying to learn the Forex in the current market is like

Trying to learn the forex in the current market is like…

Trying to sit on a hand grenade and an egg, where the egg is holding the handle back from releasing.

Discuss. or come up with your own :slight_smile:


Just sit back, relax, and wait for your signals to hit. You don’t have to be in a trade all the time to win in Forex. It is better some times to sit on the sidelines and not trade than to be in a low probability trade and lose your money. Trading forex is about patience and you have to learn it if you want to be in this game for a long time.

The market has been pretty sideways for about 2 weeks now. I have just been sitting by and waiting for the right moment. It is kind of like fishing you sit around all day watching your beer get warm just waiting for a bite.

I’m watching the yen crosses for any breakout signs, coupled with my system signals. Time to sit this out if you’re a swing trader. There’s money to be made for those who wait, believe me.

To continue the original poster, trading in the current market is like ‘having a shave in the back of a monster truck’? How’s that?

Bravo! Well done!

Considering the trade tensions are on the rise think this will fade into insignificance if there another worst spike from covid 19 later in the year that’s the real worry

I notice this thread began way back in 2007 how about now during Covid19? This past week has been very sideways. But most of the last month has been quite good trend against the USD. Just wondering what will trigger the market to move next and what direction it will go. My best guess is USD will strengthen again with many places worried about a 2nd wave of virus.

Yes you right I never noticed, I responded to Carolina Ochoa.

This is how markets have been. Just read and take your time to understand.