Trying to program the ultimate Expert Advisor

Hello all,

I am lurking around on this website for a couple of weeks now and I really like it. The information that I can find here is excellent and it is fun to read what other forex traders are up to.

I started my trading a couple of years ago as a total newbie. I think I made all the beginner mistakes that I could. As I gained more experience I started to make more advanced mistakes and now I am at the stage where I make mistakes that require a decent amount of practical experience.
Now, maybe I exagerated that a little bit, but it still strikes me how much I still learn every single day about the forex market. Every time I feel that I am ‘getting’ it something happens that opens up a totaly new perspective on how I look at the financial world.

Currently I use an Expert Advisor for my basic trading and I add trades manually when I see an opportunity.
In the future I hope that I can make forex trading my full time job.

Happy trading,

:35: Welcome new Baby Pipper.
I wish you great success with your Expert Advisor as I for one am in great need of help from a Higher Being. Like you just when I think I’ve ‘got it’ I put on a trade and BAM! it goes in the opposite direction.
Back to the drawing board.