Trying to say something about myself 😊

Well I’m Emmanuel by name but everyone calls me Emmy guess that’s the short calling of Emmanuel, im from Nigeria I lovely young youth that’s struggling for survival, im the social and funny type but a bit smart by the Lords grace…
I have been looking forward in learning forex since the start of its hearing in my ears :ear: but have to opportunity or possibilities to learn but a friend introduced this site to me and he said I should give it a try I’m gonna be catching gradually so today is my day one beeing here and I will definitely appreciate everyone’s care and love towards me cause I will be having much bunch of questions to ask when I start coping with this sweet forex market God bless you all thanks a lot

Hey Emmy,

Welcome to the forums!

You should really try the Babypips online course first. It’s a great way to get started and will probably answer most of the questions you have as you start.

Love the sentiment! You should definitely ask away if you’re stuck or need clarifications. It’ll be the fastest way to learn.

kind regards, Dims

Welcome to the forum. As darthdimsky said that you should try the Babypips online course first and it may help you to learn forex and can become a good and successful trader.

Hi and welcome… :slightly_smiling_face: