hello everybody
is enyone knows if i can hoghlight all the psychological prises (double zero’s)?
is there such a command at the programme?
liron peleg

I don’t think so. You can probably find an indicator for Metatrader. I have found that marking all of the psychological levels adds too much noise to your screen. You are much better off marking the ones that price has already responded to rather than trying to watch them all. It drove me crazy when I tried it.

Look for areas of previous support/resistance that coincide with a psych level and those will usually be more important.

hi Hugh,
i understand what your are saying
I am not a fan of using psy prices as an edge the second time also unless the price are ranges at these points.
my problem is that im not noticing the first time of the bounce ,so i thought that a little marker would solve this problem.
anyway, its a shame that the programme doesnt have this option

Hi Liron,

I’ll send your suggestion to our Trading Station developers for consideration. If approved, you will see a price level study in future versions (possibly early 2012 version). We introduce new features / products all the time based on trader feedback, with the latest being our new Trading Station Web platform.

On Trading Station desktop you can add horizontal lines to each 00 price level, then save the chart template. Only issue is the lines will only display for those specific price levels, so as the price moves you would have to add them.

Thanks and let me know if you have more suggestions.

  • Jason

hi JAson.
just saw this one in other forum.
i think its a very good idea:
Is it possible to build an indicator that utilizes an external data feed or links to say an excel spreadsheet where current data might be automatically updated? We are interested in looking at trends in commodities and futures prices to trigger and bound certain aspects of a FX strategy. Thanks!!!

I think your best bet for doing something like this would be to use our API. I’m a complete neophyte when it comes to api and programming :slight_smile: so better to contact the API team at FXCM Forex Trading APIs | Currency API requirements