Turtle positions sizing

hello everyone,

total noob here, just finished pipsology school.

i would like to know how to calculate the turtle position sizing formula for forex.

say eur/usd is 1.2848
n = 0.007921
account size 1000
trading micro lots

based on the above does the below makes sense.

unit size = (0.01 *1000)/(0.007921 *1000) = 1.2658 or 1 contract?

does this even makes sense? i am following the exercise on page 16 of the original turtle trading rules

any help would be greatly appreciated


link to the turtle rule would be nice. BTW turtle strategy hasn’t worked in decades. There are counter strategies written by linda bradford ratche called turtle soup which counter them. Just an FYI

i was thinking of using the turtle position sizing with my own system because its simply the best position sizing method i came cross.

i did try to post link but the site wont allow but if you google - original turtle trading rules - the first link will direct you there

i believe you might need to download the pdf though.