Turtle Traders and Pyramiding

Hellooo! I’m very intrigued by this concept that was raised in one of the other threads (thanks to @tommor), and I think it deserves its own thread. :thinking: This was actually the first time I heard about the “Turtle Traders” and the concept of “Pyramiding.” (I even thought it was like an MLM of some sort. :sweat_smile:)

Are you guys familiar with these concepts? :open_mouth: Do you also practice/ apply pyramiding in your trades? :thinking:

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Yes, I agree it’s quite intriguing. I’m no expert but as far as I can glean ,without thoroughly researching it, it seems to be the name given to buying additional long positions in a long trend and buying additional short positions in a short trend. Please corect me if I’m wrong. If this is correct, then It’s something I been doing anyway for quite a long time. If you are winning, then buy into the win and set a stop-less so that you still profit when the trend eventually goes against you. It’s a comfortable way of making profit. You’ll probably never manage to sell them all at peak profit, but it’s a good way of playing the trend. One thing I’ve learnt is not to get over-excited and to put quite alot of space between your positions so you don’t strike your TP during a routine short-term reversal.


Pyramiding or not depends on your trading style… psycology and strategy.

Say you are a scalper… and you aim for 10 pips… pyramiding makes no sense IMO

Say you are in a trade, and you are 20 pips up. If you open a new trade, and It goes against you, you Will start looking your profit. Say It goes to your original trade breakeven point. Your profit will be -20. If It hits your original stop (ie 10 pips) your profit will be -40. Are you mentally prepared for this?

So see What type of movés are you after and see if pyramiding is for you… are you after swing trades where you can apply this technique? Will you be able to mentally handle It?