Turtle Trading is trend following

The name Turtle Trader,‘turtle trading’ described a great story about a group of non-traders who were taught to trade for big profits. While others were successful, some have failed. There are only two who truly remain successful as trend followers in the purest sense. They are Paul Rabar and Jerry Parker but they are secretive and reluctant to share their so-called “secrets” with the world.

Yes, I have seen this system around. And you are right about the secrecy, I really don’t know how it works. But I do know that it requires large capital, because of the drawdowns.

I was registered at your forum. I have printed the test message. Do not delete, please.

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A simple internet search can provide for you the details of the original turtle trading system. Whether it’s viable for not in today’s market is beyond me. I for one, have no interest trading it.