HI there, i have read a little on the TURTLE TRADERS and was wondering if anybody follows this trading theory in forex


I thought that was a codename for the experiment carried out by W. Eckhardt ?

I never knew he released the system.

You’ve aroused my curiousity lol, im going to find out more.

E. Lang

For those interested, here is a page about the Turtle Trading System including some interesting history and statistical information.

Turtle trading system - ElliottGann - Forex Trading - Economy - ITIL - Stock Market - Money - Currencies

Good luck to everyone.

E. Lang

Man…I was expecting some system created by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…Oh welll :stuck_out_tongue:

They came up with a REALLY good one, but splinter wouldn’t let them release it, he wanted to keep it underground!:smiley:

I found the details here, i’m sure it’s the same as the one ELang posted, but no harm reading two different copies

Great PDF; thanx foredog

Hmmm… I find it funny how I posted the full turtle trading system here months ago but still never received a response…:frowning:

I never did see your thread but Im sure I would have expressed my interest if I had seen it. Very interesting read. Confusing as hell at first, but very good.

Yeah…Probably did not want Shredder getting a hold of it and getting money so he can finance his operations. :slight_smile: haha ahh back in the day