[TW] 12-5-2011 AUD/USD Short by Tsaivn

Long or Short: Short
Chart: H4
Entry Point 1.0300
Stop Loss: 1.0460
Profit Target/s: 0.9700
Reward-to-risk Ratio: 3.75 : 1
Risk percentage: 2%
Indicators used: EMA8, EMA13, Stoc(14,3,3), MACD(12,26,9)

The short order triggered. If AUD got 1.00 then take 1/2 of position and move stop to break even @ 1.03

This is very solid trade idea. The divergence confirms the move, and the pair unable to break through 1.0300 also helps. I have taken the trade as well… Let’s see if price manages to reverse! Good luck to us.

Thx and gud luck to our trades…

I have closed 1/2 my position @ 1.02 and already move stop to breakeven @ 1.03