Twitter Hack Explained

Official accounts of prominent celebrities like Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Kim Kardashian and various others were hacked to promote a bitcoin scam.

As per reports, over $100,000 in Bitcoins have been scammed from users during this hack.

Big time scam from a scale perspective. And Coinbase came to the rescue to stop another $280K in btc transactions from adding to the already-scammed.

I find it very surprising when platforms like twitter get hacked. And even more shocking to me is the fact that people continue getting scammed.

Oh wow didn’t know about Coinbase there.

Roughly 14 Coinbase users sent around $3,000 worth of bitcoin to the scam’s bitcoin address before the company moved to blacklist it, the company said.

Yikes. Sucks for those 14!

Appears to be social engineering at Twitter, and not the account holders themselves.