Twitters affect on the forex market

Is there anyone in particular that people follow on twitter to help with their trading? Whether its following people that give good advice/tips, or people that can potentially affect the forex market with their tweets, like Trump?

Hey H. yessssss, made a really profitable trade off a POTUS tweet, he tweeted, the Fiber soared and I shorted when I saw that Mo had left the building, interest that it settled back to it’s previous consolidation level. I would have to check but I think it was 75 pips in about 15 min or so. If I could do that everyday, I would be the proud owner of a high end Panamera, but then again, if it happened everyday the arbitrage would get squeezed out of it.

The Ever Selling The News And Buying The Rumor VIPER

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I absolutely love watching random trading videos on YouTube because it’s a great way to learn different strategies. There;s a guy called Soloman Philpot, I think that’s his name lol and he only has like 2 trading vids on there, but the one that caught my attention was his usdjpy strategy vid. It’s a veryyy interesting strategy, and I feel like everyone should check it out. I started backtesting last night and I’m liking what Im seeing so far :slight_smile: check him out!

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I mostly follow news outlets in case some major fundamentals come out unexpectedly and I have to react quickly.

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Must be a typo error nothing came up for this guy on YouTube?

he only has like 2 videos on there, so maybe it’s hard to find. It’s a really basic and simple strategy, mainly for the USDJPY pair. I’ll find the link and post it up here