Types of Bitcoin Traders


Hahaha, yes, that seems accurate. And it applies to trading a lot of things, not just Bitcoin.

This is so true, Bitcoin is a rollercoaster ride. Just got to hold on & ride it out.

Relevant video: https://youtu.be/V3QQJ18toPo

Oh that cracked me up! It is, indeed, relevant! :joy:

I think, there are two types of tranding long term tranding and short term trading. the long term traders gain after long run.

Are we laughing or crying at the numbers we see for 2022? Mostly crying!

Idk but I ended up playing that panic selling song haha. How appropriate!

What is the panic selling song?

Check the last link posted. This is so accurate. Many traders seem to make this mistake.

Oh I see. :smiley: Iā€™m sorry, somehow I missed that one.

Lol, this is so relatable. I am pretty sure most of us have been there.